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2019 and Beyond

Dear Friends,
As of December 15, 2018, Inside-Out Ministries is no longer open Monday-Friday for assistance with food, clothing and shelter needs in Madison.  Harvest Pointe Methodist Church (at 103 Gin Oaks Ct.) will work to continue food services in 2019.  Financial assistance services are still being worked out and it is recommended that Callers reach out to 211 and in Madison call St. Vincent de Paul on Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30am.

Inside-Out’s services will be limited to special events as explained in this Message From the Founders.

A Message from the Founders of Inside-Out Ministries
After 11+ years of volunteering and fulfilling the mission of Inside-Out Ministries to provide basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for families in Madison while providing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Larry and Deborah and other Board Members are “almost” retiring.  We say almost because God has other plans.  When no leadership from within came forward, the Board of Directors decided to simplify Inside-Out’s operations and retain Larry and Deborah in leadership.

The Monday-Friday operations and the care of the facility is being eliminated as of 12-15-18 and the ministry will continue..  Funding needs are reduced to the special projects listed below, yet remain focused on filling special needs for the following outreach events:

            Community Thanksgiving Dinner – over 1000 meals provided in 2018     November

            Elementary School Snacks – provided each semester as requested by Counselors          As Needed

            Teacher Appreciation (including Staff) at Madison City Schools           July-August

            Serving the City As One          Spring

            Disaster Relief –   Will also include serving in other cities/states for needs during tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.       As Needed

            National Day of Prayer – first Thursday in May                               

            WAY-FM Christmas Prayers            December

If your church receives a request for assistance, direct them to 211.  They have listings of agencies that can help throughout Alabama.

We are grateful to have had many opportunities to serve and certainly pray God’s provision for the true needs as well as heart and lifestyle changes that will lead to families being strengthened and children growing up knowing security and love.   We are grateful to the Church Partners and individuals who have supported this All-Volunteer ministry and look forward to the plans and direction The Lord has for us All.

Inside-Out will retain its Phone Number, Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts which will include a message to advise connections to reach out to 211.

Inside-Out Ministries, Inc.  P. O. Box 2004     Madison, AL 35758             256-325-5193                  www.inside-outministries.org                      info@inside-outministries.org