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After celebrating Madison’s Community Helpers at the Chamber of Commerce Expo and providing for School Staff (thousands of benefits) and Student special needs (supplies and clothing) in August (thousands in funding), here’s what’s happening.

Prayer support every day for our Churches, Community, State and Country -join Praying in North Alabama Facebook group (priceless benefits).

Major bathroom repairs for a Senior with health issues (thousands in funding being used).

Preparing for providing special needs items (as requested) for disaster relief work plus the ministry of presence for many affected. (potential thousands will benefit and funding needed).

Preparing for the beginning of our 10th annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner (more info to come). (thousands to benefit in friendships, vendors and in funding needed). Volunteer and Food needs will be announced later.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Be alert to needs near you and be the Compassionate Helpers Jesus has gifted you to be. See a need, don’t just say, “someone should do something”. Be the someone!