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An update of everything going on at “Inside-Out Ministries!”

Planning Ahead

3D rendering of arrow people
Plan ahead for your future and care for your family too!

Are you prepared and protecting your family for the future? It’s not just about old age or your death but may be a medical situation involving your care and the financial care of your family. You may not be able to speak for yourself or your family. Does your spouse know or have access to your accounts, passwords, etc. Prepare now to show you care!

Plan ahead with a Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will -Advance Directive, or Last Will and Testament. This link might give you some food for thought.

EVEN MORE-is your Eternity planned? Have you come to know Jesus as your Savior and accepted the future He has planned for you? Your Family will be greatly comforted in knowing your future is secure in Jesus.

Give Thanks-Always

We know just saying Happy Thanksgiving doesn’t make it happen but No matter what trials you’ve had this year, God hasn’t changed and is still Loving, Saving and Providing His gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. If you need to talk, there are many who will listen and share of His goodness.

2020 Ministry Actions

Time FrameBasic ServiceVolunteers InvolvedNotes on Action
January, 2020Storage Unit work label & sort
hygiene supplies 
3 VolunteersPreparing Clean and Healthy and inventory to delivery to schools during beginning flu season
January, 2020Clean & Healthy Outreach3 VolunteersDelivered remaining School and Hygiene  Supplies to Schools–each of Madison’s schools received about 10 of each
January 16-23, 2020School Lunch Debt Relief2 VolunteersCoordinated and Paid Outstanding lunch  debt for all Madison City Schools
January, 2020Phone calls returned and Tax Referrals1 Volunteer
VariousSurvival/Treat Bagsmultipledistributed as much as possible with safety concerns
VariousBlessing Bagsmultipledistributed as much as possible with safety concerns
February-June, 2020Boy Scout Service Opportunity4 VolunteersMother served alongside Scout and masks worn
March 10, 2020Madison City Schools Enrichment
 Day-High Schools
2 IOM Volunteers
8 DR Volunteers
Coordinated Madison and Limestone Disaster Relief Teams to give DR overview and demonstrations of DR activities and awareness to include equipment trailers displays
March, 2020Local Business Employees 30 assisted2 VolunteersDelivered to Management for distribution to reduce contact
March-April, 2020Face Masks for Respiratory Therapists2 IOM Volunteers
Church & Community Sewists
Secured Volunteer Sewists and provided  some materials (elastic) as well as pickup and deliveries
March-April, 2020Ipads for Patient use -no visitors
 to hospitals
2 VolunteersCrestwood Hospital (5), Madison
Hospital (6)
April-May, 2020Client with serious  physical
 injury assistance.

Client without water in the home due to failed well.
1 Volunteer

2 Volunteers
Mailed assistance

Assessment of need and funds delivery for water connection to the home
July-August, 2020Police Blessing Bags and School Supplies
Board Meeting
4 Volunteers

5 Volunteers
Blessings Bags delivered School Supplies purchased, labeled and delivered Continued needs assessments
Daily, Monthly for Future ServiceContinue to watch for service opportunities and needs Depending on God’s wisdom and strength

April 2020

Food? Call 211
Rent? Call 211
Taxes? Call 211 or
TAX AIDE-phone 256-417-7975 (same as last year)
Utilities? Call 211 or your home church

Don’t have a home church? Look around your neighborhood, there is one nearby waiting to offer you the Hope that money and social services can’t give.
Want to talk about that HOPE? Call us, leave a message asking about HOPE and we will talk with you about that!

Do you have Food to donate – please give to the North Alabama Food Bank.
Clothing, furniture or household items to donate? Please give to Asbury Community Thrift Store.

Thankful to Almighty God for always opening doors. He has allowed us to serve in these tough times. (We are following all safety rules). 🙂

1. We’ve been able to provide iPads for Hospital Patient use to communicate with family and ministers via a local business partner and Church support.
2. We’re able to bless a local Vendor and Employees unable to stay open.
3. We’ve had friends sewing and helping provide masks for healthcare workers.
4. We are part of a statewide prayer call line taking calls twice a week (3 hours shifts).
Our Board of Directors is praying and helping us make appropriate decisions to fit changing circumstances.

HE IS FAITHFUL! Keep praying for His healing of our families, cities, states, country and world. May He be known among the nations.

Information Alert

Inside-Out Ministries is now a mobile benevolence operation.  

FOR FOOD, RENT and UTILITIES, TAX ASSISTANCE please call 211 and your home church. Additional info will be posted as it becomes available.  TAX-AIDE phone number is 256-417-7975 (same as last year).

If you have food or household items to donate, please consider Asbury Thrift Store or St. Vincent de Paul. 

INSIDE-OUT MINISTRIES is giving – just watch for how and where.  God is working!

Call Inside-Out Ministries at 256-325-5193

Mail to:
Inside-Out Ministries, Inc.
P. O. Box 2004
Madison, AL 35758

Inside-Out Ministries no longer accepts items (food, clothing, etc.) until there is a special need.  We will alert you to the need via detailed posts.  Thank you for your generosity and caring for our Community.

2019 and Beyond

A Message from the Founders of Inside-Out Ministries
After 11+ years of volunteering and fulfilling the mission of Inside-Out Ministries to provide basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for families in Madison while providing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Larry and Deborah and other Board Members are “almost” retiring.  We say almost because God has other plans.  When no leadership from within came forward, the Board of Directors decided to simplify Inside-Out’s operations and retain Larry and Deborah in leadership.

The Monday-Friday operations and the care of the facility is being eliminated as of 12-15-18 and the ministry will continue to provide special benevolence care.  Funding needs are reduced, yet remain focused on filling special needs for the following outreach events:

            Community Thanksgiving Dinner – over 1000 meals provided in 2018     November

            Elementary School Snacks – provided each semester as requested by Counselors          As Needed

            Teacher Appreciation (including Staff) at Madison City Schools           July-August

            Serving the City As One          Spring

            Disaster Relief –   Will also include serving in other cities/states for needs during
            tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.       As Needed

            National Day of Prayer – first Thursday in May                               

            WAY-FM Christmas Prayers            December

If your church receives a request for assistance, direct them to 211.  They have listings of agencies that can help throughout Alabama.

We are grateful to have had many opportunities to serve and certainly pray God’s provision for the true needs as well as heart and lifestyle changes that will lead to families being strengthened and children growing up knowing security and love.   We are grateful to the Church Partners and individuals who have supported this All-Volunteer ministry and look forward to the plans and direction The Lord has for us All.

Inside-Out will retain its Phone Number, Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts which will include a message to advise connections to reach out to 211.

Inside-Out Ministries, Inc.  P. O. Box 2004     Madison, AL 35758