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Praying for all our Students, Teachers, Administrators, Bus Drivers, Child Nutrition Staff, Facility Maintenance, Coaches, Players and PARENTS!  Loving the little ones of Madison.

All Inside-Out Ministries, Inc. services are provided at no cost to our clients and are based solely on need, without regard to race, social status or religion.

Services limited to residents of zip codes 35756, 35757, 35758
35824 and 35749 (NEW)

The purpose of Inside-Out Ministries is to provide short-term emergency assistance for basic living necessities to those with a
demonstrated need in the city of Madison.  
Inside-Out’s objective is to have a positive, significant, lasting impact on the community by helping those in need to attain self-sufficiency, 
and coach them in making prudent decisions for themselves and their families, thereby increasing their standard of living. 
Affecting Change and Reaching Out!

Inside-Out is unique in that it is an All-Volunteer service organization providing a wide range of basic needs services to the city of Madison Residents.  The services provided are for the benefit of anyone in the city of Madison with a demonstrated need.  We look at each individual need. 
Inside-Out Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based organization. We focus on benevolence, mercy, compassion and encouragement.  We offer aid to get over the most urgent part of the crisis in which one finds himself and offer encouragement to keep going, growing beyond the current circumstances.  We offer training in money management and job searches which are often barriers for the individual.

Affecting change … reaching out …

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Inside-Out Ministries     @Insideout_AL

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