2021 Resource Information

Need a boost with Food ? Call 211
Need Rent Help? Call 211
Need Utilities Help? Call 211
211 provides referral information to the proper agency in your area.
Each operates differently and this helps you get direct help in a more efficient manner.

Speak with someone in your home Church.
Don’t have a home church?
Look around your neighborhood, there is one nearby waiting to offer you the Hope that money and social services can’t give.

Want to talk about HOPE? Call us, leave a message asking about HOPE and we will be happy to share.
Your eternity is most important right now!

DONATIONS OF FOOD?please give to the North Alabama Food Bank.
DONATIONS OF HOUSEHOLD ITEMS?Clothing, furniture or other items? Please give to Asbury Community Thrift Store
or North Alabama Foster Closet.

All-Volunteer Charitable Service since 2008

Inside-Out Ministries is sharing God’s goodness in practical ways while sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to affect change from the inside out of each individual.

Mobile Caring-in the gaps * Mobile Outreach-in disasters
*Mobile Service-to the hurting*

MISSION STATEMENT   Inside-Out Ministries was created to serve:
A) as a Christian-based organization existing to share God’s love in the community.
B) as a charitable, religious and educational organization based on  John 3:18, which directs us to not merely say we love, but to show the truth by our actions.
C) as a partner with other Christian-based organizations with a desire to compassionately serve and give as God directs in His Word.  

All Inside-Out Ministries, Inc. services are provided at no cost to our clients and are based solely on need, without regard to race, social status or religion.

Affecting change … reaching out …
Inside-Out Ministries, Inc.
P. O. Box 2004
Madison, AL 35758